This rewarding position involves coaching and training young children to improve their spoken English.

Speaking English confidently is important step for many Chinese who dream of studying abroad, working overseas and/or creating international business opportunities. With limited opportunity to practice speaking English at school, New Century English School provides out-of-hours English classes for children up to 15 years old to improve their confidence speaking English. We believe in keeping classes fun, enjoyable and exciting so that children want to come back for more!

Creativity and out-of-the-box thinking will be essential to bringing your lessons to life: you won’t be shackled to a textbook! Your cultural insights, fun activities and games, interactive activities and excursions/incursions are encouraged! We believe a successful class can be judged by the amount of laughter coming from your classroom rather than how much content has been memorized.

If you love other cultures and feel passionate about helping young people reach their potential we want to hear from you!

Some benefits we offer our spoken English teachers include:

  • A living allowance to help cover your accommodation costs
  • Taxi fare reimbursement for trips to/from work from your living quarters
  • Extra days off for those who wish to engage in extra-curricular activities (work as little as 3 days a week!)
  • Complete lesson planning from home (unlike other schools we don’t require you to be in the office for this task, unless you want some extra help)
  • A salary/benefits package of up to 15,000CNY per month (a very comfortable living wage in China)

For more information Apply Now, or for a confidential discussion, contact Amy at newcen2000(at)163.com.